Index Internals: A Deep Dive

What you will learn

亚游官网|官方网站Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from the virtual workshop:

  • Learning about key design considerations
  • Understanding which types of indexes and their placements will best support certain queries
  • Determining the value of unique indexes and included columns
  • Discovering composite indexes
  • Seeing how to determine the best indexes for queries involving ANDs, ORs and JOINs
  • Knowing best practice guidelines involving index structures

Course Duration: 2H

Course Content

Introduction to Indexes
1. B-Trees
2. Exploring index structures
3. Understanding documented tools
4. Approaches to working with indexes
Fragmentation and Index Performance
1. Defragmentation
2. Fragmentation
Undocumented Tools – DBCC
1. Using DBCCs
2. Reviewing options you have with DBCCs when working with indexes
Index Splits, Design Considerations
1. Index splits
2. ANDs intersections, ORs and Joins
3. Statistics
4. Clustered indexes