SAP Crystal Report 2013


亚游官网|官方网站This course is designed for students to know some basic knowledge of?SAP Crystal Report. We don’t introduce this course into reporting package because this product is a legacy tool and only a few companies are still using this tool. It should be good to know this product but no point spending much time to deep dive this tool.

This course covers below content,

  • Creating a report
  • Linking to a data source
  • Adding fields to a report
  • Creating sections in a report
  • Sorting, grouping, and summarizing data
  • Applying a template
  • Applying formats to date fields and other report controls
  • Managing images and drawing objects
  • Creating charts
  • Selecting records
  • Using formulas
  • Adding subreports
  • Exporting report data

Course Duration: 6~9 hours