DB101: Database Principals 101+

Database Principals 101+:?

This course is to go through all basic concepts and terms in Relational Database (OLTP) and Data Warehouse. It provides a solid base on which every other information in the course anchors,and prepare you for further going down the path of Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) learning journey.

What is covered:

Database History/Relational Database

亚游官网|官方网站RDBMS (Relational?Database?Management?System)




Entity-Relationship Diagram(ERD)

Table Constraints

Primary key (PK)

Foreign Key (FK)

Unique Key (UK)

Index (Non-clustered/Clustered/Others)

Database Normalization

Data Warehouse/Data Mart/Cube


Star Schema/Snowflake Schema

Fact table/Dimension table

Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD)

Surrogate Keys