MS202: SQL Server Reporting Service

MS202: SQL Server Reporting Service

Duration:8 Times*3 Hours (Including a real project practice)

Course Ware: Microsoft Certified Books

Including one Practical Project

Audience: Beginners/Intermedia-level SSRS developers, Other Application developer

Required to have basic T-SQL Skills

What is covered,?

Module 1Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services

  1. Overview of SQL Server Reporting Services
  2. Installing Reporting Services
  3. Reporting Services Tools

Module 2Authoring Basic Reports

  1. Creating a Basic Table Report
  2. Formatting Report Pages
  3. Calculating Values

Module 3Enhancing Basic Reports

  1. Interactive Navigation
  2. Displaying Data in Various Formats

Module 4Manipulating Data Sets

  1. Defining Report Data
  2. Using Parameters and Filters
  3. Using Parameters Lists

Module 5Publishing and Executing Reports

  1. Publishing Reports
  2. Executing Reports
  3. Creating Cached Instances
  4. Creating Snapshots and Report History

Module 6Using Subscriptions to Distribute Reports

  1. Introduction To Report Subscriptions
  2. Creating Report Subscriptions
  3. Managing Report Subscriptions

Module 7Administering Reporting Services

  1. Reporting Server Administration
  2. Performance and Reliability Monitoring
  3. Administering Report Server Databases
  4. Security Administration