Points Earning

Every student automatically earns Points through the Study Pack and Courses they enrolled. In addition to this, you also can earn Points by influencing others. Below are typical approaches you can make your influence.

1, Referral a friend

By referring any new friend to enroll any of our classes, ?you will be awarded 50 Points.


2, Spreading out

亚游官网|官方网站Our hope is to make more people know us, ZERO ONE. Posting on the forums is another way to make influence to our community and make more people to know. ?So far, we only appreciate and redeem your posts to Points in below forums.








If you know other popular forum, please let us know to confirm first. After the confirmation, we will treat it valid as well.

Your threads/topics on these forums could be the testimonials or share your positive/successful stories with ZERO ONE training.

To redeem your points by posts, views are so far the only consideration. When the time you want to redeem the points, please email us the views of your threads (by taking a screens shot on views and the link of your thread).

Views AS_OF Redemption Date Points
200 8
300 12
400 16
1000 40


3, Share your Story

In each “Career Talk” session, if you would love to share your story to others, you will be awarded 15 Points as well. Your story can be

1) Interview Experience (Unnecessary a successful case)

2) Your IT working experience if you have found a job

Please email us to ask for this, we will arrange you in place for 10-15 mins talk in coming sessions.


4, Host on Discuzz Panel

Every other Thursday night, we have “Discuzz Panel” for all students. If you would love to be the host for this event, you can get 15 Points for each time.