Enroll the courses


If you decide to take the training course with us. First of all, thanks for trusting us and below are the procedure you need to follow to finish the enrollment.
Step 1: Finish your payment
Below lists all payment approaches you can use to finish the payment. Before you pay, please make sure to check the course class here or email(adm01training@outlook.com) to admin to confirm the right price.

1, Chase Quick Pay (Preferred)

My Chase account:?adm01training@outlook.com

Detailed instruction,


P.S. If you are asked to fill the recipient name, you can use ABC and ABC for last name and first name respectively.

2, Bank Of America Transfer

1) Login your BOA

2) Transfer–>Using their email address

3) to “shmtu002@yahoo.com”

4) Amount(e.g. $150), Hit “continue to transfer”.

3, Wellsfargo SurePay

1) Login your wellsfargo

2) Transfer–>WF SurePay

3) Add recipient(shmtu003@yahoo.com)

4, Alipay: daijunsh@hotmail.com
Exchange Rate in April 2017: 6.89
Exchange Rate is updated each month according to the list price on www.boc.cn.

5, Mailing a Check

If you cannot finish the payment with option 1~4. Send us an email to ask how to mail the check.

6, Paypal

Paypal account: adm01training@outlook.com

Choose either of below

6.1 transfer to family/friends, pay the amount listed and leave no comments

6.2 transfer to service, pay tuition+3% processing fee.

Step 2):?To finish the registration form


亚游官网|官方网站As expected, once you finished the payment and registration form, administrator will contact you and grant your an unique StudentID if you are a new student. Usually in the last week before the class starting, according to the course you choose, you will receive the instructions to prepare your laptop/desktop.