Price & Promotion

List Price for courses

Database Fundamentals Pack(DFP) 市场价格 $2900


Reporting Pack(RPT)



ETL Pack(ETL) $630
Big Data Exposure
  • BD205(12H)–Video Available $230
  • BD215 (12 H)–Video Available $200
  • CDH205(24H)–Video Available $380
  • CDH305(24H)–Video Available?$480
  • BDH305(35H)–$890
Tableau 2-Day Bootcamp
  • TB202(12H)
Database Administration
Advanced Analysis & Data mining(A) $580
Advanced Analysis & Data mining(B) $450
Index Internals 50 Pts
SQL Server High Availability 75 Pts
NoSQL Databases $250
Hands-on Project Design $650
Data Engineer特训营 Enrolling
MS301: Developing SQL Server Databases $580
All about interview $280
Python For Data Analysis $380
BDH305: Spark and Hadoop for Data Engineer | Developer $890
Master Data Services (MDS) 50 Pts
PB201: Power BI From ZERO to HERO $199


Promotion Terms,

1,?Returning attendees: Ones who took any class with us before (excluding on-demand video class)

2,?New attendees: Ones who never took any live class before

3,?Referring a friend: If you tell your friend (a new attendee) and come together for enrollment, you and your friend can get 25 Points off respectively, namely 50 Points(=50 dollars) off.

4,?Fee Waiving: Let us know if you have hiccup in financial status, we can help to waive your fee.?You are still very welcome to join us to study together. But your community service is needed. For each session joining, please post 10 threads for us on popular BBS (Mitbbs, wenxuecity, …) and keep them valid for 3 days.

5,?Early Bird Promotion:?The price listed in the first place is the price for early birds. For DFP, the due date of Payment?is? May 15, 2015(11:59PM). For Reporting Pack, it is before Aug 1st, 2015.

6,?Makeup Price: If you qualify for term 亚游官网|官方网站1 and you took or are taking the class on a specific study pack, now you are interested in remaining classes, you can use pack fee to deduct the single course fee you paid to get your makeup price for enrolling remaining courses in the study pack.

E.g. stu1100 is taking the course MS201/DB101 for paying $175 as of the time term 3 has been applied for his case and now he is interested in the remaining courses (ORA201, EX201 and ACS201) in this pack. The makeup price you need to pay is $390-$175=$215.